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  • Warts and Plantar Warts…what’s the difference?

    What is the difference between Warts and Plantar Warts A Wart can be anywhere on the body, but most commonly on the hands and fingers. Plantar Warts are found on the foot. How are warts diagnosed? A doctor usually can tell if a skin growth is a wart just by looking at it. Your doctor

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  • How Do I Know If I Have Achilles Tendinitis? Let’s Define Achilles Tendinitis Achilles tendinitis occurs when the tendon that connects the back of your leg to your heel becomes swollen and painful near the bottom of the foot. This tendon is called the Achilles tendon. It allows you to push your foot down. YourRead more
  • A Non-Invasive Option For Foot & Ankle Conditions!

    Stem Cell Injections For Orthopedic Problems Stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures are the world’s most advanced regenerative injection treatments for treating foot and ankle conditions. Before you consider ankle surgery, fusion or replacement, consider this treatment. Foot and ankle injuries are common among athletes and many of these injuries can be treated non-surgically

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  • Can I injure my feet from overuse?

    Foot and Ankle Injuries Injuries to your feet and ankles are quite common and can even result from overuse. In most cases, foot and ankle injuries don’t require immediate medical attention. That’s the good news. In fact, many injuries can be simply treated with rest, ice, splinting, and over-the-counter pain relief. But, if you still

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  • Kohler’s Disease

    Kohler’s Disease is a spontaneous loss of blood supply to a particular bone in the foot. Treatments may include cast immobilization, reduced activities and foot orthotics or inserts.

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  • What to do about my Toenail Fungus?

    Toenail fungus treatments include a wide variety of options First, let’s define toenail fungus Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is caused by fungi known as dermophytes, which thrives on skin, hair, and nails. The fungus gets under the nail and begins to grow, damaging the nail so it discolors, becoming white, brown, or yellow. Eventually, the nail

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  • I have type 2 Diabetes…Is my foot wound serious?

    Seven Ways to Care for Foot Wounds If You Have Type 2 Diabetes Foot wounds can lead to serious complications for people with type 2 Diabetes. For this reason, it’s important to protect your feet and treat any cuts, scrapes, or callouses right away. If you have type 2 Diabetes, even a small cut or

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  • Over view of Foot and Ankle Problems

    Foot and ankle problems usually fall into the following categories: Acquired from improper footwear, physical stress, or small mechanical changes within the foot. Arthritic foot problems, which typically involve one or more joints. Congenital foot problems, which occur at birth and are generally inherited. Infectious foot problems, which are caused by bacterial, viral, or fungal

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  • What Caused My Foot Ulcer?

    And, Why Won’t My Foot Ulcer Go Away? Five Reasons Why You May Have Developed a Non-Healing Foot Ulcer An ulcer is an open wound on the skin that will not heal. Ulcers usually begin as an area of redness on the skin. The area may have a different firmness or temperature than the surrounding

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  • Rare Foot Disorders That Can Cause Serious Damage

    Rare Foot Disorders That Can Cause Serious Damage

    Rare Foot Disorders That Can Cause Serious Damage in Young Adults   Three Rare Foot Disorders Most foot pain has a fairly simple cause and proper evaluation identifies the specific problem to help get the invested care needed. Not all conditions are simple, however. In some cases, unusual or hard-to-diagnose conditions cause significant discomfort. TheseRead more