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Our Custom Orthotics are in every sense of the word- custom. Plaster moldings are taken of each foot to assure the orthotic has the maximum contact and support to stabilize your feet. Our process takes a little longer but is the most accurate and detailed method available.  Each custom orthotic is precisely fitted to your foot – with different specifications depending on your foot shape, size, body weight, and activity level.

Custom Orthotics are often also called insoles for shoes, insoles for flat feet or inserts for flat feet.

Rigid Orthotics

The so-called rigid orthotic device, designed to control function, is often composed a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber, and is used primarily for walking or dress shoes. Such orthotics are made from a mold after a podiatrist takes a plaster cast or other kind of image of the foot.

Rigid orthotics control motion in two major foot joints that lie directly below the ankle joint and may improve or eliminate strains, aches, and pains in the legs, thighs, and lower back.

Soft Orthotics

Soft orthotics usually absorb shock, increase balance, and take pressure off uncomfortable or sore spots. They are typically made up of soft, cushy materials. Soft orthoses also are worn against the sole of the foot, extending from the heel past the ball of the foot, including the toes. Such orthotics are also made from a mold after a podiatrist takes a plaster cast or other kind of image of the foot.

Soft orthoses are usually effective for back of heel pain and for diabetic, arthritic, and deformed feet.

Semi-Rigid Orthotics

Semi-rigid orthotics provides foot balance for walking or participating in sports. Sometimes, different sports call for different kinds of semi-rigid orthotics. The typical semi-rigid orthotic is made up of layers of soft material, reinforced with more rigid materials.

Children are sometimes given orthoses to treat flatfoot or in toeing or out toeing disorders. Athletes often are given orthoses to mitigate pain while they train and compete.

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Had major foot troubles. Dr. Smith and his staff helped me through treatment process and I am now pain free. I had the ESWT treatment that was recommended . I am a very happy patient, and I recommend this office to everyone I know.
Diana Sheldon

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