Exciting new treatment for foot ailments!


AmnioFix is an exciting new option we can offer as part of our minimally invasive ultrasound-guided treatments used for arthritis and sports medicine injuries. Amniotic tissue has been used to treat injuries since the early 1900’s in various fields such as eye surgery, oral surgery, and orthopedic surgery.
AmnioFix contains a highly pure and concentrated amount of growth factors. Growth factors are powerful naturally occurring regulatory molecules that our bodies produces to signal cells to come to the injured site, help the site to heal, and help your own cells regenerate the damaged tissue.

AmnioFix has some of the most important growth factors needed for healing including:
• Transforming Growth Factor Beta — Promotes normal soft tissue healing and reduced scar formation.
• Fibroblast Growth Factor — Promotes cellular proliferation and is important for collagen matrix formation.
• Platelet Derived Growth Factor A & B — Promotes cell proliferation in connective tissue and enhances soft tissue healing.
With ultrasound guidance, Amniofix is directly injected into the sight of the injury or arthritis. The injections cause a decrease in inflammation in tissue and also stimulate growth and help bring your own stem cells in the area. This is an office based outpatient procedure with little to no downtime and is a good alternative for patients not wishing to have surgery or steroid injections.
Common Conditions Treated with Amniofix
• Partial Tendon tears such as the Achilles Tendon
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Ligament Sprains
• Additional sports injuries
Contact our offices Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Virginia Foot & Ankle Associates and schedule an appointment today to learn more about this exciting regenerative treatment for arthritis, and various other musculoskeletal conditions.
To learn more about AmnioFix treatment, go to Heel Pain Institute of America or Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Foot & Ankle Associates.

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