Seeking a solution for arthritis in your feet?

Amniotic injections
show significant improvement for arthritis sufferers

Amniotic fluid injections are an innovative treatment for foot and ankle pain that can eliminate the need for steroids or surgery. In this treatment, amniotic cells are injected near damaged tissues and help them regenerate.

Human amniotic membrane (HAM) consists of two conjoined layers, the amnion and chorion, and forms the innermost lining of the amniotic sac or placenta. When prepared for use as an allograft, the membrane is harvested immediately after birth, cleaned, sterilized, and either cryopreserved or dehydrated. This product is formulated either as a patch, which can be applied as a wound cover, or as connective tissue extractions, which can be injected.

Fresh amniotic membrane contains collagen, fibronectin, and hyaluronic acid, along with a combination of growth factors. HAM is considered nonimmunogenic and has not been observed to cause substantial immune response.

This solution is currently used to treat osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis.

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To learn more about Amniofix, go to Heel Pain Institute of America or Laurel Foot & Ankle Center or Northern Foot & Ankle Associates.

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